Vlad The >Implier's 5 stages of visualization.

So, something that I've noticed while visualizing Vinyl is that there appears to be 5 different stages of visualization/imposition.

Stage 1: This stage is where you visualizie nothing but your tulpa. This is what I did, spinning her around to get every angle down pat. This stage can exist in a special room in your wonderland like I have.

Stage 2: This stage is one where you impose your tulpa on your wonderland. I would consider myself on that stage, but basically you imagine your tulpa along side other things in your wonderland, making sure that it isn't colliding with objects in ways it shouldn't (E.g. being fused into the ground)

Stage 3: This stage is what I want to move onto. The past stages are performed entirely in your mind's eye. But stage 3 is the part where you imagine seeing your tulpa and your wonderland with your eyes. That may sound confusing, but just imagine moving your eyes around their sockets while the eyelid is still closed. This step is to prepare for...

Stage 4: This stage only applies to people like me who use facemasks while forcing. In this step, you will open your eyes, but the blackness of your surrondings in real life will become your wonderland. If you've put enough time into visualization, you should be able to look at your tulpa as something that could be part of real life.

Stage 5:Imposition. Everybody does it differently, but just imagine teleporting back to real life from your wonderland, and placing it on the ground of wherever you are in real life. If you did the past steps correctly, it shouldn't be noclipping through objects. But everybody imposes differently.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt. Everybody does it differently.