Against Label Permanence

Labels are descriptors about a person that appear to be immutable, but are actually very mutable in ways people don't expect. These are terms like "male", "female", "tulpa", "alter", "persecutor", "OSDD-<numbers>". They are all harmful when used as fundamental limiting factors. These labels are not permanent. They can and will change. Men can grow up and realize they are actually women. People can recover from mental and physical illnesses (even ones that are "incurable").

Stop using them as limitations, even to yourselves. You are yourself. What other justification or classification do you truly need for your existence? You aren't accountable to anyone for basic tenants of your existential reality. Terms and implications that other people use don't have to apply 1:1 to you.

So stop making them permanent.

Stop labeling people for eternity.

Stop accepting labels as inherent qualities.

Stop giving people's labels so much power and authority over yourself.

Stop the cycle.

Even if it's a "fact".

You are more than the labels that other people apply to you. You are the beautiful incarnation of an infinite being that is inherently unknowable and unlabeled. Stop being something you are not. None of the labels as applied to you truly matter unless you decide to give them that meaning and power. It saddens me to see people take those labels that other people give them and turn them into their entire composite identity without any room for anything else.

People change and grow, the labels of yesterday might not fit today and might be completely the opposite tomorrow.

Stop limiting yourself with labels. What else can you truly be but yourself?