Irish’s Wonderland Guide

By Irish

Wonderlands, Daydreaming, that ‘One’ Place

We all have a special place that we would rather be. It could a place that you love with a passion or a place where you’d rather want to be. Wonderlands are a joyous idea and subject to the human pleasure. A wonderland can be literally ANYTHING whether you’re a messed up individual who enjoys blood and gore out of Saya no Uta or an otaku who wishes to be in the land of the little girls (Japan).

REMEMBER: A wonderland is a simple thing, do not take any longer than 30 minutes to an hour. If you can’t think of a good place that you like then there’s no use trying, right? Just get to work on the tulpa.

In Detail

A wonderland is a specific form of meditation that doesn’t really have much to do with actually meditating. It’s really a placeholder for that empty void when you close your eyes and try to meditate. When you’re trying to clear your mind and can’t really do it because your mind wanders off or just doesn’t fully clear. It’s supposed to just be a place that you can make and enter into, picturing yourself in and averting ALL attention to. Where tulpas come in I’ll explain with a bit more walls of text.

In Detail with the Tulpa

Alright we know the wonderland is supposed to be a place that you can enjoy for yourself and just be a place where you can relax and avert ALL attention to. This sounds bad when you’re making a tulpa right? Why am I doing this if I just want to make a tulpa? Yeah yeah, I can answer that as well. The tulpa is in itself your creation. Well it’s a little hard to just MAKE a tulpa some people have fritzy minds, and some are just messed in the head (For more details on tulpas just read the guides made by FAQ_man and I). Well the wonderland comes into play with a tulpa for those who are more troubled with their minds. As you concentrate on your wonderland you’ll lose attention to all outside sources, seeing as how your mind WANTS you to be there, it’s a pleasurable experience. As you are in the wonderland think of your tulpa, imagining your tulpa there. Keep doing that. It will most likely be hardand keeping concentration may be hard as well, or it may be easy who knows shrug. When you’re working on factoring the tulpa into the wonderland you can basically go two ways. First way, avert all attention you gained from the wonderland to your tulpa and you can basically just use it as a stepping stone to get to your tulpa (for some it’s actually hard to visualize them). Second way, you can keep visualizing both your tulpa and your wonderland together to have it interact and have an environment to essentially ‘grow up’ in. The tulpa will be able to affect the wonderland and do whatever it wants to it (if you let it, which I suggest doing in my opinion this part’s pretty fun).

BZZT BZZT *NEWS REPORT*: You CAN keep this wonderland around even after your tulpa is done, you could need it in some situations, will report more on this matter at 4.

Some More Stuff to Detail

Say you’re walking somewhere with your tulpa to someplace or doing something to go somewhere for some reason, whatever it is, I don’t care. So you’re walkin with your tulpa and she sez bb do u luv me 4ever? nd u say NO! nd she cry nd run away getz hit by a car and u say I luv u 5ever. Seriously though, you’re walking somewhere and you find yourself in a crowded place with a bunch of people and your tulpa has no place to be, stand, or even walk around. You could do like I do and just have her get on your shoulders like some sort of piggy back ride, OR you can just send it to your wonderland and have it stay there until you’re able to actually have room for it.

Lik dis if u cry evrytim ;_;

If I’m forgetting some stuff, which I know for sure I am (trust me I do that) then please do ask questions or stuff like that. Either way more often than not I’m on the IRC channel so you can talk to me there about it if you don’t know where the IRC is then #tulpa at or #tulpa I’ll be under the name Irish_.

Here’s a book about literally imagining your dream world and it supposedly coming true after many days of imagining. I read it and got referred to it by some people it’s a pretty psychological book that was written on a study of literally imagining things so I figured that it would fit well with all of you although it’s pretty much high writing and all that so it may be a dull read for others, just thought I’d refer y’all though. (It has some religious content as well)

It’s called The Law & the Promise
by Neville Goddard (1905-1972)

Neville was a philosophical man that was into a thing called New Thought and he’s done some metaphysical stuff that usually only consisted with religion. Neville was a pretty famous man in his time but you know it’s probably not everyone, I was referred it when I first brought out the idea of a wonderland and thought I’d refer y’all ’cause it’s pretty interesting.

FINAL REMINDER: NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE THIS, if you don’t feel like making a wonderland then just follow FAQ_man’s guide, do take info from both guides and use it accordingly.

(By Irish — Transcribed by ShyGuy65)