System Asks

How long ago did you first develop? How did you feel about the system you were a part of?

What’s the story behind your system’s name, or lack of one?

Does your voice in your head sounds different than the other tulpas’? How so?

Do you have different opinions of your friends than other tulpas do? What are they?

Do you have a personal space in headspace? What’s it like?

Who’s the most annoying, but endearing co-fronter? Tell a story about them (optional)

Any backseat drivers? What do they normally speak up about?

Do you have fictives? What friends do they have within the system?

What’s one of your tulpa’s favorite joke/pun?

What’s a trivial thing that your system argues about?

Who’s the most mischievous member of your system? The most dramatic?

What’s the weirdest, funniest thing that’s happened in headspace?

Did any of your tulpas change their names? Why did they choose to?

Which tulpas prefer school or work? Which prefer home?

Do any of your tulpas wake you up or keep you from sleeping?

How does your system make decisions? Is it whoever’s fronting, or more of a vote?