FAQ man's Final Post

By FAQ Man

I looked at the forum today, the new changes were overwhelming. I sense that not everyone is being completely truthful, yet, the sense of community there is astounding. I really liked the new page for user submitted guides. I must say, I'm quite surprised that Fede hasn't killed himself yet, it seems as though the community likes him about as much as I do. I hope that you're a little bit wary about who knows what and who has what. If that secret tulpa board still remains, make sure at least someone is monitoring it, as I believe that it's the sort of thing that could breed roleplaying if left alone.

I knew from the beginning that you'd make and keep a site that was not only a good tool for the community as a whole, but a place where people could go and congregate as a whole. I still don't regret leaving it, as I feel like in effect I would have definitely imposed my worldview and opinions on everyone and generally fucked things up, because let's be honest, that's just sort of thing I do. Without me being a tulpaforcing Gestapo, I see there are new methods which seem promising.

Lastly, color me faintly amused that the whole "tulpae" thing is still, well, a thing. Initially it was sort of an experiment of mine, to see how many people would follow me after I implemented a change to the terminology which was completely, for lack of better terminology, faggy. Of course, I see that "tupper" is now an acceptable word as well. Oh, how culture changes.

I'll continue to lurk your site and not answer the slew of emails I get. Most of them are in Russian, and hell, I remember the cold war. Fuck Russians and their shitty language. It sounds like butch lesbians having a gang bang when spoken. The English emails I get are typically people who haven't read the guides.

I haven't talked to anyone but the guy who runs grabthebird.tumblr.com, anyone else who says so is a liar and a tool.

Just letting you know I'm not dead in a ditch somewhere, as I think a lot of people were beginning to get that impression.

-Frequently Asked Questions Old Man Asshole Nazi Obsolete Suppressor of Change Evil Hour Counts Douche

P.S. feel free to spread this or post it around as you see fit.