Percieved Dangers of Making a Tulpa

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By FAQ Man

I always figured the Tulpas can kill you angle was /x/ making it /x/-approved.

  • ~Arula

In this document I would like to address the perceived dangers of making a tulpa. Lots of people expect and fear certain things happening to them, some of which are quite impossible or just unrealistic. Usually these fears come from ignorance on the topic or something of the like. In the following I'll put forth some regularly given reasons not to make a tulpa, and then my rebuttal based on my experiences and what I have collected from other sources.

A tulpa will always try to kill you to escape because it will become jealous about how you can perceive and act in the world and it can't. It will want to experience the world and you're literally trapping it in your head. You're segmenting off a piece of your soul and trapping it, of course something is going to go wrong.

I see this more than I should considering it's completely ridiculous. Let me break down the errors in this kind of thinking point by point. Firstly, a tulpa cannot kill you. They have no kind of interaction with the physical world at all. They can't control your body processes either. Nor can they posses you and make you kill yourself. Secondly, people assume tulpae are all jealous by nature when really how they act is a tulpa by tulpa basis. Also, must tulpae don't get very jealous about not being able to operate as a person. They know what they are and they don't really mind too much. You can't miss what you never had.

Also, you're not trapping the tulpa anywhere. Trapping implies it could be free anyways, and this is not the case with a tulpa. Basically people have trouble putting the fact in perspective that tulpae are not actual beings. They're a part of your mind, and while they should be treated as something that actually exists, the fact remains that they don't. Bits of double think there, right?

If you ignore your tulpa, it will get jealous. If you have other friends it will turn them against you. Your tulpa will hate if you fap to porn and it will get angry.

Time and time again I hear people saying that all tulpae are innately jealous, and if you don't gear all your attention toward them you're basically setting yourself up for disaster. All tulpae are different! Some need very little attention, some like to constantly be the center of it. Some will get a bit jealous, others won't. There is no rule for jealousy when talking about tulpae. That's just like trying to create rules for people, or groups of people. How your tulpa's personality turns out is not entirely up to you, and it is possible you may end up with these traits, but not likely if they're not a part of any of your ideals.

The tulpa will eventually try to take over your body completely.

This goes hand in hand with the multiple personality things, but I think some things need to be said here regardless. I would like to say that firstly, even elective possession by a tulpa is not known to be entirely possible. Theoretically, of course it could happen- electively. But we have not had any trusted accounts of this, because everyone who claims to have done it cannot explain the process, nor do they seem like a legit source. Irish_ and I don't want to try possession, and in the case of me, it is because all the implications of something else controlling the body completely freaks me out.

That being said, the tulpa can't really take possession by force, even if we accept the fact that it is possible.

Tulpae will damage you psychologically because they're assholes

Alright, as with the first danger this has a lot wrong with it, but I'll basically break it down into two main points. Firstly, a tulpa can't damage you psychologically. Even if they were a giant dick, and did wish you harm, the most they would be capable of doing would be following you around and annoying you, scaring you by standing creepily in dark hallways, not letting you sleep, or just being a dick like that. They can't make you insane by somehow intertwining themselves in your psyche and ruining your mind. They can only really damage you about as much as a person who can't touch you can.

Secondly, your tulpa is not going to want to harm you in any way; even if you start to dissipate it for no reason or just generally act like a frothing douche. This is because firstly, they're a manifestation of your mind, and they know this. They know they would be putting their own very existence in danger by fucking with you. Also, you both have complete empathy for each other. You know each other's motivations, thought processes and everything. The tulpa really wouldn't harm you because by extension it can feel the harm its doing.


I think there's enough of a pattern here that you can now discern for yourself really what's going on here.

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