King of the Vandenreich's Prism

Some of you have been complaining nonstop about 'Am I puppeting?' and 'I think my tulpa moved but I think I might be puppeting'

Well, I have a solution for you:

Imagine you staring straight at your tulpas face in whatever environment you render it.

Imagine a small 3D prism on top of their snout. Not a prism where you shine white light to get a rainbow. Imagine a geometric prism

Now if your tulpa does not have a snout or muzzle, and is more human like, put the prism on their head, or find a better location.

Next, you imagine a feather perfectly balanced on top of the prism.

Now oscillate it. By oscillating it I mean to move it up and down (like a seesaw). You dont have to keep it in the balance. Try to focus on it. Ideally you should be so focused on moving the feather up and down like a seesaw that you relinquish all mental ties to the tulpas movement; giving a developing tulpa the chance to move for the first time, and even after it moves, just imagine the prism floating above where the snout was and keep focusing on the feather. Over time, once your tulpa has spoken, you can drop the whole thing; as now your tulpa can directly tell you if your playing the puppet master.

Short Version

  1. Think of your tulpa
  2. Imagine a prism on your tulpa
  3. Imagine a feather on the prism.
  4. Focus on moving the feather like a seesaw, have your tulpa in your mind eye.
  5. Repeat until your tulpa can talk and tell you when you are puppeting it.

(By King of the Vandenreich !!ltOJ7i/qp8s Transcribed by AnonPie)