Alyssa's List Of Many Things To Do With Your Tulpa

By Alyssa Rose

As a general rule of thumb, you can do pretty much ANYTHING with your tulpa. Anything. But sometimes you just need ideas to get started! This list may be updated over time.


  1. Explore the wonderland together! Try letting it generate on it's own without much of your own input.
  2. Fight things together! Dragons, monsters, evil people!
  3. Roleplay! Pretend you're bounty hunters, detectives, adventurers, anything you can think of!
  4. Create a wonderland together with your tulpa!
  5. Practice visualization, guides are your friend!
  6. Parkour!
  7. Watch wonderland TV! It can get pretty interesting.
  8. Play wonderland video games! Try not to cheat (or cheat all the time.)
  9. Try to guess what your tulpa/host has hidden in a box!
  10. Drive and fly things you normally cant, like a jet!
  11. Have a race!
  12. Make something together in the wonderland, like a sculpture.
  13. Work on your own form, or your tulpa's form.
  14. Fight each-other.
  15. Hide and seek!
  16. Try out new weird clothes.
  17. Try out different forms.
  18. Use magic!
  19. Try image streaming together! (Look up Linkzelda's image streaming guide.
  20. Blow stuff up!
  21. Play god.
  22. Set things on fire.
  23. Talk to NPCs! (wonderland people who aren't tulpas)
  24. Pretend you're in your favorite game!
  25. If you know how to switch, let your tulpa be the 'host' of the wonderland experience!


  1. Switch! (or learn how to!)
  2. Practice visual imposition, tactile imposition; or any kind of imposition. Guides are your friend!
  3. Draw your tulpa/host! Let them tell you how they want to be drawn.
  4. Make music together!
  5. Listen to music together!
  6. Watch a show/movie/video together! Discuss things about it after.
  7. Play chess.
  8. Play real-life videogames. The host/tulpa can watch and make suggestions, or maybe you can figure out how to add them to the experience!
  9. Try out new hobbies together!
  10. Let your tulpa talk online, such as on discord or on a forum! (Rolechat, if you're shy!)
  11. Redecorate a room together!
  12. Do chores, but together!
  13. If you know how to possess, try fighting over a body part! Or try controlling half the body while the host controls the other, and see what you can and cannot do!
  14. Take a walk together!
  15. Read a book together! (This is good mindvoice training.)
  16. Without switching, pretend to act like your tulpa/host. Let the other laugh at how bad you're doing.
  17. Try to write down all the differences between you and your tulpa(s). This will start getting very hard!
  18. Meditate together.
  19. Try lucid dreaming!
  20. Play DND with your tulpa/host.
  21. Tulpas, yawn. Or even just say yawn. It should make your host yawn. Use your new found power for evil. (sorry, hosts.)
  22. If you know how to switch, try sleeping while switched!
  23. If you know how to switch, try a WPM test against your host!
  24. Try taking separate IQ or EQ tests. See if it's any different!
  25. Go hiking together!


  1. Have an intense debate about something!
  2. Talk about ANYTHING that comes to mind. Anything. Even if it's dumb, like apples.
  3. Eat/cook stuff!
  4. Sleep!
  5. Discuss old memories.
  6. Make really dumb hypotheticals!
  7. Try playing a board game together!
  8. Swim!
  9. Read/DM a choose your own adventure! In real life, it's as simple as finding Choose Your Own Adventure book, in the wonderland, let the tulpa/host narrate what they want to do, while the master of the game tells and visualizes what happens.
  10. Play truth or dare!
  11. Try to make each-other laugh.
  12. Relax together.
  13. Vent to each other.
  14. Hug each other!
  15. Massage each other!
  16. Try yoga!
  17. Play pool, even if you have no clue how.
  18. Craft things together!
  19. Spend time with animals! (like your pet, or cute wonderland rabbits!)
  20. Have a contest of some kind! The possibilities are endless.
  21. Practice your parallel processing.
  22. Write things, like a poem or short story together!
  23. Ask each other a bunch of questions!
  24. Try a variety of different drinks together.
  25. Cloudwatch/stargaze together!

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